Solutions Overview

The problem:

Annual increases in the expense of COM (computer output microfilm), maintenance of antiquated equipment used to store, view, and print microfilm, and the costly duplication and distrubution expenses, if the customer continues the "status quo" of COM reports.

The Solution:

Phase1 - Customer outsouces report processing services to Data2CD Inc. All legacy media is processed from the original 9-track tape, 3480 tape, 3490E tape; then parsed and compressed into Data2CD database viewer; report databases are saved onto libraries of DVD's to be secured on-site at government facilities in Hines, IL; Austin, TX; and Minnepolis, MN. Additionally, legacy AS/400 report printstreams are processed; saved onto encrypted DVD libraries; and secured at these same locations. Phase 2 - Data2CD provides high speed scanning support and maintenance for the Debt Management Center.

The United States Federal Government has been working with Data2CD Inc. since 1999.