Solution Overview

The problem:

Annual increases in the expense of COM (computer output microfilm), maintenance of antiquated equipment used to view and print microfilm, and the costly duplication and distrubution expenses, if the customer continues the "status quo" of COM reports.

The Solution:

Phase1 - Customer's mainframe computer is programmed to transfer specified report printsreams via SFTP to Data2CD on a daily basis for processing, compression, and archiving into the content management system. Phase 2 - At month's end, all reports processed for the month are recorded onto a HIPPA compliant DVD archive, which is sent to the customers corporate office for securing an on-site backup. Additionally, the Data2CD cloud allows authorized users simutaneously access to all transactional report data using our secure online content management application.

The Health Care system has been working with Data2CD Inc. since 1998.