Solutions Overview

Microfilm Scanning in Minneapolis, MN

The problem:

Annual increases in the expense of microfilming new records, maintenance of antiquated equipment used to view and print microfilm, and the costly purchase of a third Kardex filing system if the customer continues the "status quo" of microfilming new and updated policy records.

The Solution:

Phase1 - Data2CD's "scan on demand" service was selected to handle all immediate policy requests during the transition from film records to scanned records. Phase2 - The microfilm conversion project involved scanning approximately two million microfilmed policy images; extraction and capture of policy holder name(s) and policy number data from the microfilm images; and then importing the captured data into our Data2CD online document management system. Phase3 - Creating an automated FTP process to transfer management reports, email archives, and legacy financial files into the content management system. Phase 4 - Upon completion of the conversion project, authorized users are allowed simutaneously access to policies, agent files, commisions, e-mail archieves, and various management report files using our secure online content management system.

Insurance Company has been working with Data2CD Inc. since 2003.